• Pay As You Go

    No monthly fees. No credit card required to sign up. Start with $10 on us and only pay for what you use. Top up your account when you need to.

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  • Flexible Schemas

    Build document and collection structures around your data. Easy to use data for developers, easy to use forms for contributors.

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  • Media Manipulation

    On-the-fly media manipulations let you put your data in the right place, at the right size, and in the right format.

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    Use your data on your websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, through IoT devices, just about anywhere.

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  • Custom Theming/Branding

    We don't even have a logo. Your CMS is your CMS, style it how you like with direct CSS injection.

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  • Unlimited Contributors

    Invite as many contributors as you want. We don't charge for seats. Contributors have to sit.

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  • Help and Support

    Find help and support managing your data on our discord server.